Niche Reaper Review

I must admit Niche Reaper is one of the coolest niche research tools I’ve used in ages. It’s just eliminated all that tedious and time consuming research work with one click of your mouse!

If you’re building niche websites (whether for affiliate sales, CPA offers or Adsense), or considering entering a new market and need some “real world” accurate data to work from, (like how competitive is the niche?, can I really make money in it?, is the exact match domain available? etc) all in one central location, you’re going to LOVE Niche Reaper.

Niche Reaper is continually researching new keywords and niche markets 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you login you can see immediately which niches are ripe for dominating, how competitive they are, and how much money you could make with a top 3 listing for your chosen keywords. You’re going to get access to as many profitable and easy-to-dominate niches as you’ll ever need. All in one place.


Check out the full Niche Reaper tutorial video here

How would you like access to data like this before deciding to enter a niche:

  • Value – this is a guide to the income you can expect to earn each month if you reach a top 5 ranking in Google for the specific keyword term.
  • Clicks – the approximate clicks / visitors you’re going to get each month if the same thing as above happens.
  • Opps – check out the Niche Reaper tutorial video to see how cool this is. It’s unique to this tool & powerful stuff to grab wide open opportunities.
  • Searches – the approx number of searches per month for the keyword term in question.
  • PageRank – the average Google page rank of the top 5 websites already ranking in Google for the term.
  • Backlinks – the average number of backlinks of the top 5 websites already ranking in Google for the keyword/niche. I’m sure you know how useful this information is.
  • Domain Search – whether or not an exact match .com, .org, or .net domain name is available for the keyword term.
  • FB – whether or not the vanity URL for the keyword term is available to register on – again unique and very cool.

Within less than an hour, I found 5 very promising niches to enter, with between 5 and 10 profitable and easy to dominate keywords for each niche. Not only that, but 4 of those niches had the exact match .com domain available, and all 5 had the vanity or fan page in Facebook available too. That’s money in the bank right there.

Finding 5 profitable and easy-to-dominate niches (with 5 to 10 serious money keywords) would normally take a lot longer than an hour (more like days) to find all of the above relevant data – let alone make a judgment call to proceed in adding them to your website portfolio. Exact match domains and Facebook pages are the real icing on the cake too.

When you’re spending money on having articles written for your site, and more articles for promotion, and link building services, and everything else that goes into promoting a site, it makes a lot of sense to stack the odds of success in your favor. Niche Reaper does exactly that. You know you’re onto a winning niche right out of the gate.

Not only can you investigate all of the above on a keyword by keyword basis but the system groups relevant keyword terms into entire niche markets. That means you can now evaluate entire niche markets from the top down or from the bottom up on a keyword basis.

If you’re business involves niche marketing in anyway, I really recommend you add Niche Reaper to your portfolio of tools, it’s likely to replace a few you already use, and give ou far better and much more accurate data.

Niche Reaper – check it out here