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In this article I’m going to talk about the article promotion backlinks system called 1WayLinks, and let you know my results from using the service, and my opinions.

1WayLinks is a system created by Jonathan Leger and is basically an article submission service. The twist is that it allows you to submit “spinnable” articles to reduce the duplicate content issues surrounding article submissions. You don’t have to spin your articles, you can still submit the same article to multiple sites if you prefer – just depends on your opinion regarding duplicate content.

The way 1WayLinks works is that every member has to submit a self hosted WordPress blog into the network. These blogs create the 1WayLinks network where all the member articles get submitted. So the more members in 1WayLinks, the more blogs to submit articles to. Every member gets 250 credits every month. Each credit allows you to submit a post (article) into the network. So 250 credit means you can submit the same article to 250 sites, or 25 articles to 10 sites, or 10 articles to 25 sites etc. Each article can also carry up to 3 links. So effectively, 1WayLinks is giving you 750 backlinks per month.

Now that all sounds pretty cool – but can 1WayLinks deliver what it promises – an endless supply of quality one way backlinks that will rank your sites in Google like crazy. I figured that for $47 a month it was at least worth testing out.

I joined 1WayLinks in late 2008 when it was still in Beta – I was a member of 3WayLinks at the time, so got the opportunity to try out 1WayLinks at a discount.

As you need to add a blog to the system to qualify for links, I registered a brand new domain, installed the latest version of WordPress, and configured it for the 1WayLinks network.

Then I had some articles written for promoting some of my niche sites, and submitted them into the 1WayLinks system. Most of my niche sites that I was testing this against were also blogs, and within a couple of days the pingbacks were starting to show within the blog dashboards – so that proved to me that the articles were at least getting published.

I chose some fairly easy long tail keywords to see if 1WayLinks could get me on the first page for these low competition phrases. I then created a brand new page on my niche blogs, optimized for the appropriate long tail keywords I’d chosen. The reason I created brand new pages was that they would have no existing link popularity, and any rankings they achieved would be pretty much done to the backlinks from 1WayLinks.

So now it was just a case of letting the system do its work and monitor the progress. Here’s my results:

Day 1 Ranking in Google
Long tail phrase 1 Not in Top 100
Long tail phrase 2 Not in Top 100
Long tail phrase 2 Not in Top 100
Day 5  
Long tail phrase 1 Not in Top 100
Long tail phrase 2 Not in Top 100
Long tail phrase 2 Not in Top 100
Day 30  
Long tail phrase 1 Page 9
Long tail phrase 2 Page 8
Long tail phrase 2 Not in Top 100
Day 60  
Long tail phrase 1 Page 4
Long tail phrase 2 Page 2
Long tail phrase 2 Page 3
Day 90  
Long tail phrase 1 Page 3
Long tail phrase 2 Page 2
Long tail phrase 2 Page 2
Day 120  
Long tail phrase 1 Page 7
Long tail phrase 2 Page 5
Long tail phrase 2 Page 6

So, the best ranking I got was #13 on page 2. After 90 days all these new pages had about 200 backlinks each, all of which had been added on a daily basis (not all 200 at once). In my opinion, I think 200 backlinks should be enough to get a long tail keyword on page 1 and easily into the top 5. The only explanation I can draw is that the sites that these backlinks were coming from (the blogs in the 1WayLinks network) were either very low quality (at least in the eyes of Google), or not counting at all (which would happen if Google had determined that they were of no real value and part of a “link network”) – or both.

One other thing I noticed was that the new blog I had created that I added into the 1WayLinks network (the requirement for joining the network) had initially been very well indexed – at the end of 90 days this new blog had over 300 pages indexed in Google. However, at the 120 day mark, the site had disappeared altogether from the index which suggested it had been deindexed for some reason. I hadn’t done anything else with this blog other than submit it to 1WayLinks and let the 1WayLinks system do it’s thing with it.

It’s possible the 1WayLinks team was aware of their network getting identified and is doing something about it – but for me it’s not really worth the risk.

Compare that with Unique Article Wizard – which I’ve been satisfactorily (and successfully) using since early 2007, and there’s a world of difference. For me, Unique Article Wizard delivers on everything it promises (and a lot more besides), and is still a great way to get loads of backlinks to your sites with good old article marketing.

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