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Since 30MinuteBacklinks was released recently I get asked quite a lot about whether it will be effective at increasing link popularity for sites that do not have anything to do with software – like a health site, or dog training site for example.

If you’re not sure what 30 Minute Backlinks does you can get a full explanation from Michelle’s site here - but the idea is you create a piece of software about your site, and submit that software to literally hundreds of online software directories (like downloads.com).

Free Backlinks from High PR Sites

When these directories accept your software submission (and most of them do) they also include a link back to your site that the software is from. So you get literally hundreds of backlinks to your site.

But the main query about this system seems to be “can I use this process with my non software related sites?”

Well, according to Michelle’s sales letter, the answer is yes, you can, and I say the same.

I started using this method myself back in mid 2006 (long before Michelle released her 30 Minute Backlinks product) and had seen some excellent results from it, so I knew how effective it can be if performed correctly.

The first sites I started using it on were mainly technology and software biased sites, so creating a software application for submitting to the hordes of software directories was very easy to accomplish. But then a friend of mine told me he was doing the same thing for every site he built – whether it had anything to do with software products or not.

So I decided to try the same approach for a lot of my health related sites – and the system worked like gangbusters for those sites as well.

Hot To Get a Brand New Site Indexed in A Few Days.

If I used this system on a brand new site, the site was usually crawled and indexed by the search engines within a couple of days at the most. If I used it on an older site that was already established in the search engines, it’s rankings would climb considerably, and usually end up on the first page in Google for my selected keywords.

I use this process as part of my promotion methods for every site I build, and it has never failed to get a lot of backlinks and really increase link popularity to these sites – which inevitably results in my sites moving up the search engine rankings (on all 3 major SEs) and bringing in more and more targeted traffic.

So, to publicly answer the question that I get asked so many times about 30 Minute Backlinks, then yes, it works very well for pretty much any niche and any type of sites you build – and if you want your site on the first page of Google, it’s a very worthwhile investment.

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