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Artemis Pro – review time. Today I want to share an update with you regarding my results from using a copy of Artemis Pro which I recently purchased for my business. I bought a private label copy of the software called Article Pro. It’s exactly the same as Artemis Pro, just re-badged, and about 50% cheaper. Not that I think the original is over-priced, not at all, but if you can get the same exact product 50% cheaper – then why not. Artemis Pro for Article Marketing

The concept behind Artemis Pro is pretty much the same as Unique Article Wizard, in that you have the option to submit three separate versions of your article, and the software will mix up paragraphs from each article giving you several hundred unique versions of the article, and then distribute a unique version to each of the thousand plus article directories it works with.

You also have the option to just submit a single (original) version of your article, but by doing that you’re missing out on the real power of the software. By distributing the same version of the article across the many hundreds of article directories means that you are going to get stung by the search engine duplicate content filters.

The search engines will index your articles as soon as they find them, but over the space of a few weeks, once the engines realise they have multiple copies of your article, they will start to remove the duplicate copies. As each of those copies is a potential backlink for your site, you lose out on link popularity as well.

All you need to do to get the full benefit of Artemis Pro is have three unique versions of your article written, each with the same number of paragraphs. Each paragraph says the same thing, you just use different words. I use services like Need An Article – these guys will write my original article, then give me 2 rewrites as well, so I now have my three articles for submission. Alternatively, you could write the original yourself, and have NAA just do the rewrites.

So How Does Artemis Pro Create Unique Articles

Artemis Pro screenshotLet’s say your article has 10 paragraphs and you create the 3 versions of the article to get the full benefit from Artemis Pro. Each time Artemis Pro submits an article to a directory, it creates a unique version of your article by selecting paragraphs from the three articles at random. So paragraph 1 may come from article 1, paragraph 2 from article 3 and paragraph 3 from article 2. For a 10 paragraph article there are over 59,000 possible permutations – or over 59,000 unique versions of your article.

Does It Work?

That’s exactly what I wanted to find out when I bought it. It comes with an 8 week money back guarantee period, so I figured there was plenty of time to put it to the test and see what results I got. If the results were poor I’d simply request a refund.

To start the test, I created a new pen name. I wanted a name that was totally unique to me – so I was looking for a name with no (zero) search results showing up in the 3 major search engines. Within 10 minutes of trial and error I had my new pen name.

The reason I did this was so that when I submitted the articles through Artemis Pro using my new pen name, I could simply search for that name in the search engines and get a pretty good idea of how many of my articles were showing up. I only used this name for this test with the software, so I would know just how well it was doing. And over time, I would be able to test if my articles were staying indexed, or if they were being removed due to duplicate content filters.

So, here’s the stats from the first article I submitted using Article Pro:

Article Submission Date

# Full Weeks Since Submitted

# Unique Backlinks Showing in Yahoo Today (28th
October 2007)

24 June 2007



So over the last 4 months, this article has brought me 753 backlinks according to Yahoo.

I wrote this article myself, as well as the 2 rewrites, so it didn’t cost me any money, but took up 2 hours of my time. I now use either Need An Article or some authors I’ve found via places like Rent a Coder for my articles, and usually pay about $25 for the original article and the rewrites. In my book, $25 for 753 permanent backlinks is very definitely value for money. And those articles continue to send traffic to my site as well.

I’m also selling a Clickbank product on the page where the articles are linking to, and so far that review page has generated 21 sales at $18.80 recurring commission per month – which currently stands at $188.00 per month commission to me. So for 2 hours work and $45 for Article Pro (a private labelled version of Artemis Pro), I’ve added an extra $188 a month to my income. Now all I’ve got to do is repeat the process another 9 times and I’ll be pushing $2k a month for a couple of days work.

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