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Here’s how I get maximum exposure, massive backlinks and hordes of traffic from the best article marketing automation software tools.

Are you using article marketing in your online business? Are you using article marketing automation software to submit the same article to all the different article directories online? If you are, the duplicate content filters are pretty much rendering your time and effort worthless. So stop wasting your time, and change your approach to ensure you never get hit with duplicate content penalties again.

There are a lot of great places online to submit your articles to, and in return they can generate a lot of traffic for your web site, but if the search engines see the same article all over the web, they’ll simply ignore all but the first one they found. So you need to think a little more “out of the box” with your article marketing strategy in order to generate the traffic and backlinks that the “people in the know” are getting.

Article Marketing Still works Like Gangbusters – If You’ve Evolved

If done properly, article marketing is a very powerful technique to drive hoards of targeted traffic to your site. But you need to know a few simple “secrets” to avoid the duplicate content filters. Fortunately, there’s some very effective tools and software available that can do most of the work for you – but there’s also some rubbish out there that simply doesn’t work.

What most of the tools attempt to accomplish is to submit a unique version of your article to literally hundreds of article directories and ezine publishers – which is a huge benefit and great way to save a lot of time and effort. The end result is that each website that your article is submitted to gets a totally unique version of your original article – so no duplicates anywhere to be seen.

Unfortunately most of these tools either don’t work, or cost a small fortune. And even some of the expensive ones are very temperamental – so price is no guarantee of quality.

How To Bypass Duplicate Content Filters

There are however, two very effective (and fairly inexpensive) tools that I’ve found (and have been using in my own affiliate marketing business) that work exceptionally well.

They both work in a similar way, by submitting a totally unique version of your original article to literally hundreds of different article directories online. Each application submits to totally different lists of sites, so if you use them both, you get twice the benefit. Either one works fine by itself, but for maximum results I use both.

The first tool is called Unique Article Wizard, which I’ve already discussed in great detail in previous posts on this blog:

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The second application is called Article Pro software. It’s a re-branded version of Artemis Pro, but at a lower price. Artemis Pro was one of the first applications to deal with duplicate content issues. It works the same was as UAW in that you load 3 different versions of your article into the software. It then uses those three versions to create a unique version of your article before submitting them to several thousand article sites.

Each article needs to have the same number of paragraphs, and each paragraph needs to cover the same topic – just using different words in each article. You can either create the three separate versions yourself, or have them written for you using authors from places like

Article Pro Software comes complete with several instructional videos, and the ability to add your own external list of directories and ezine publishers as well.

I’ve been using these 2 applications for several months now, and have seen a huge increase in the number of backlinks to my sites, and a constantly increasing flow of traffic.

I really recommend you get both, but if you’re looking to keep costs down initially, start with Unique Article Wizard, then invest some of your profits in Article Pro Software for another surge of backlinks. I use the same articles in both applications, so all the articles you submit with UAW can be re-used in APS.

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