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I use article marketing a lot in my online business – whether it’s to build backlinks and increase link popularity (which improves your rankings in the major search engines), or to promote affiliate products, article marketing is a very effective tool. But at times it can seem like you’re trying to run in quick sand – not very effective!

I started using EVO II from Pete Drew recently (I tried the original version of BFSEO (Brute Force SEO but wasn’t impressed with what was then a very buggy piece of software). I’m impressed with EVO II, but that’s not why I’m writing today. EVO II has an article marketing module where it will automatically post your article to 9 of the top article directory sites (like, etc). If you don’t want to use your own original articles for promoting your sites (which if you’re just looking for backlinks isn’t that important) EVO II will scrape other article directories using your chosen keywords, and use those for promoting your sites. I’ll tell you which article directory EVO II scrapes further down, and you’ll definitely want to take the extra couple of minutes to submit your articles to it when you find out!.

This may not sound like a big deal (and in itself it isn’t) but what that means for people who use article marketing to promote their business, is that if your articles are in the directory that EVO II uses for scraping, you have a pretty good chance of getting your articles (and links) syndicated all over the ‘net. And as EVO II now has several hundred members, that’s a lot of people potentially using your articles (with your resource box intact).

To give you a perfect example of this in action, I submitted a new article for one of my sites last night just before I knocked off and went to bed. The resource box included 2 links – one to the home page of my site and one to a brand new internal page I just created (the site is a wordpress blog).

This morning I logged into the site to do some more work on it and noticed that WordPress was reporting a brand new Pingback in the Dashboard panel, with the title being the title of the new article I submitted last night. Curious as to which directory had published my article so fast I check it out. It wasn’t one of the directories which I submitted the article to, it was actually a blog on that had been created by EVO II (I recognized the format of the page) and EVO II had scraped my article from this particular article directory. So within less than 7 hours (I don’t sleep much – too much to do!) my new article had already been picked up by EVO II and published across several other Web 2.0 sites. And as EVO II is white hat, it always includes your resource box when using other peoples articles, so I’m expecting another 15 – 20 backlinks from that one article alone.

The article directory in question that EVO II scrapes from is It’s free to join and you can submit as many articles as you wish. Articles are reviewed by their editors, but if you’re publishing good content, it’s a great place to get some additional free backlinks.

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