Authority Loophole and Profit Loophole Reviewed

I’ve just got through reviewing The Authority Loophole and the supporting Profit Loophole from Dave Kelly and Chris Rempel and wanted to give you a “heads up” on my take of it. I know it’s free, but some things in life that are free have no value, but others are priceless – so where does Authority Loophole fit?

First – here’s a quick update on my experiences with Dave and his services: I first met Dave back in 2002 when Adsense was all the rage. We met on a black hat “cloaking” workshop – I was coming in as a full time and hard core black hatter, and Dave was coming in as a long term and very successful SEO guy. What I learnt from Dave over that weekend literally tripled my income within a matter of weeks – which suddenly made me realize this guy knew what he was talking about.

Before I checked out his Authority Loophole program, I was expecting a high quality product, since I’ve used his Linkvana service for almost 2 years now, and have been actively using his MSN Loophole system since late 2008. But does his Authority Loophole program live up to my expectations? Let’s see….

The Authority Loophole program is a piece of software that finds high PR blogs that let you leave comments – no big deal there I know, as there’s loads of “blog commenting” applications available – like Comment Kahuna, Comment Sniper etc, so what makes Dave’s Authority Loophole any better. Well, the “twist” is that Dave’s software finds blogs that have a specific plugin installed, and then he goes on to show you how to “exploit” that plugin to get your name and comment listed in the display area for that plugin – essentially giving you site wide links across some high PR blogs.

Here’s how Dave describes the process:

  1. The software finds eligible sites based on your root keyword.
  2. The sites it locates all use a common web script that can be easily and – believe it or not – ethically manipulated to place your link either sitewide, on the home page or on an otherwise highly visible page of the site.
  3. You follow a very simple process that takes anywhere from 1- 5 minutes on each site.
  4. Your link is automatically “placed” (prominently) on an authority site that would otherwise never link to you.
  5. Repeat steps 1 through 4 indefinitely.
  6. Build up rankings that you’d normally only see if you had a “Fortune 500″ SEO budget – and even then, you wouldn’t get links like these if you were promoting a commercial site…

I downloaded the software and got to work on testing it out. I wanted to try it out for one of my weight loss blogs, that’s getting some decent traffic, but still languishing just outside the top 5 for it’s target keywords. I knew if I could break into the top 5 the traffic levels would explode.

I watched Dave’s tutorial video then plugged in the primary keywords for my weight loss blog. Within a few minutes it had found 33 blogs that have this particular plugin installed, and of those it had identified 19 that were “dofollow” blogs. So I got to work and started posting some comments on those “dofollow” pages.

11 of those 19 blogs were moderating comments (which is to be expected really – but if you leave a valuable comment that adds value to the page, chances are the webmaster will approve your comment when it gets reviewed). The other 8 blogs did not have comment moderation activated, but they did have the Captcha plugin on there, so once I’d entered the captcha code, my comments were live.

I ran through Authority Loophole for 6 more of the main keywords for my site and found another 27 blogs that I could comment on (another neat twist with Authority Loophole is that it searches Yahoo and MSN or Bing as well as Google) – which I did. I also used Dave’s “exploit” on a few of them which meant I got a site wide link for my comment on them.

3 days later I checked Google for my rankings and found that for three of my main keywords I was now in the top 5, and had actually got an indented listing as well – not sure if that can be accredited to Authority Loophole, but breaking into the top 5 was bonus enough. Needless to say my traffic has more than doubled for those particular keywords.

So, to wrap this up, Authority Loophole is every bit as good as I expected – and then some – and as it’s free, it really is a no-brainer – go get it. Once you’ve downloaded it and used it on some of your sites, seriously consider outsourcing it to a freelancer. It works and will be well worth investing the money to train someone to use it for you.

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