Bad Ass Article Submission Services

A very well known and very successful Internet Marketer recently polled his customers to find which of the free submission article directories where the most effective. From the top 150 replies he compiled a list of the very best 20 Article Directories.

Why? For the last few months Pete has been developing a brand new Desktop application that is very simple to use and can submit, not just one, but as many articles at one time to the top 20 article directories on the Internet. So he had to choose these wisely. I understand he based his analysis on these criteria:

  • Quality of articles in the directories.
  • Presence in Google.
  • GooglePage Rank
  • Quality of backlinks.
  • Other Secret factors, only revealed to his members.

I’ve just recently started using this software, and have to say it’s much easier to add my articles using this software than it is even to add a new article to my Ezinearticles account. Ezinearticles is included in his list of Article Directories that the software automatically submits to.

So you enter your article data, just once, click on start, and off it goes, submitting your articles to all the article directories listed in the software. What’s really cool is that you can see it happening live right in front of your eyes.

There’s a very neat video that explains exactly how everything works here.

I must say that I think he’s out done himself again. I’ve used other software that Pete has produced in the past (and still use it all today), and this new one he’s launched is nothing less than I would have expected from him.

He’s also supplying 2 very detailed step-by-step reports for all new members.

The first report comes when you test the software – he has a trial membership for just $1. You should trial this product just to get this report. If you’re an Article Marketer it’s a must – it has some very cool tips in it.

The second report comes to you if you convert your 2 day trial membership into a full membership. To me, this report is worth the cost of membership alone – the extra features you get in the software were the icing on the cake really.

I use article marketing techniques a lot in my online business, but this members only report really gave me some pretty exciting “light bulb” moments – as an example of one of he techniques he share, he shows you how to get over 1000 backlinks from just one article submission. I must admit I was a bit skeptical about this claim at first, but since I’ve tried it I must say that everything he claims is very accurate and true.

I added this strategy to my site promotion and link building processes just recently and am really starting to see some powerful results.

Irrespective of your experience in IM, whether you’re a newbie or more experienced pro, this will be a very valuable investment for your business. I really recommend you check it out.

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