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The Most Powerful SEO Tool To Increase Link Popularity

I’ve just been checking the stats on some of my niche sites and discovered something so amazing that I just had to share it with the readers of my affiliate marketing tips blog. There are several seo tools I use to increase link popularity, but there’s one in particular that is outperforming all the others.

About three months ago I signed up for a new blog service (let’s call it Blog X for now) that lets me create my own personalised blog on a very powerful PR7 site – which also has over 1 Million incoming links. A close friend of mine recommended the service to me, so I felt sure it would be worth the investment.

Since then I’ve been regularly posting articles and snippets on my new blog, with outgoing links to a test group of my niche sites – I didn’t want to post links to all my sites in case there were problems. The group of test sites included 5 brand new sites, and 5 older sites that were already indexed in all 3 major search engines, and receiving some traffic.

With the 5 new sites, I wanted to test how quickly these sites would get indexed using this new Blog X blog. So I posted an article on the blog, and watched to see how quickly the spiders came to crawl the sites, and how long it took before the first page was indexed in the search engines.

Spiders At Light Speed

search engine spidersThe results simply amazed me. I’ve been doing SEO for several years now, and know of several techniques for getting new sites crawled and indexed pretty quickly – but not with the consistency I was getting with the Blog X blog. Each of these 5 new sites were visited by the search engine spiders (crawled) in less than 12 hours. The quickest visit was by Googlebot which came along within 117 minutes of the link going live on the blog.

But being crawled by the spiders doesn’t bring traffic from real people – you have to be indexed for that, and have a good ranking so your traffic can find you. All 5 sites had at least one page indexed by Google within 4 days – and 23 days later all 5 sites had every page indexed in Google (the sites have between 30 and 55 pages in total).

I got my first visitor from Google on day 5, and traffic is continuing to grow day by day. 11 weeks later and those 10 test sites are now receiving over 2000 unique visitors a day, and all I’ve done is post a few articles for each site on my Blog X blog.

Those sites are promoting affiliate products (mainly through Clickbank) which are earning me on average and extra $210 a day. That’s a massive return on my investment – something in the region of 6000% – so I’m “well chuffed” to say the least.

So if you’re looking for an easy to manage and highly effective system for boosting your rankings in the search engines, I can sincerely recommend you check out this “Blog X” service.

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