Blogging To Sell – Is It Really Worth It?

I just got finished listening to the beta release of blogging to sell and decided to post my thoughts about it in the hope that you can gain some insight into what’s on offer and whether you should invest your money on it.

I made masses of notes listening to Keith and Peter, so I’ll pretty much write down what I took away from them…

First off, Peter talks about the process he uses for research potential markets, and while I’ve been marketing online since 2000, I still managed to pick up a few good tips from his techniques – and I’d say it’s pretty accurate in not only determining if a market is worthwhile getting into, it will also tell you exactly which keywords are profitable, and which to avoid like the plague.

It’s a very neat trick he uses to determine exactly which keywords your competition are spending money on – so pretty much a no-brainer to get into profits straight away. To me, this was a real revelation, so I was already feeling good about the rest of the material that was going to be covered.

Peter suggest using 2 specific tools for the full market research process – one of them is free, but the other comes as a monthly subscription – but it’s only about $30 a month and is now one of my primary research tools.

Mind Mapping Your Route to Success

Next up there’s a discussion about keeping track of everything you’re doing – and there’s another free tool that Peter recommends that is well worth getting familar with. I’ve used this tool myself for some time and can heartily recommend it for keeping your self and your projects organised – it’s called BaseCamp and can be found here.

The core of Peters system is using blogs to promote his products, and the techniques he uses to structure his sites are very unique – in all my days of blogging I haven’t seen any other blogs built the way Peter builds his. That alone is a real nugget of information – some simple tweaks to the way the site is configured and you’re blog is immediately way more “search engine friendly”. It’s so simple, yet it seems eveybody has pretty much missed it.

There’s a full list of all the plugins he recommends, and more importantly he explains in detail why he recommends them. His recommendation here is backed up by masses of research and detailed testing and tracking. In my eyes this is huge – as it means I can start my own testing a lot further down the curve than I would normally have been able to – so he’s saved me many weeks of time and a lot of effort in getting to where he’s starting us from.

One topic I really enjoyed was his techniques for finding the hottest topics in his niches and getting unique content about them virtually effortlessly. His system takes about an hour to configure, and then it’s just easy sailing from there on in – unique content every time on hot topics that people are actively searching for and talking about on the social bookmark and network sites – so getting the traffic is even easier.

There was one area that didn’t really appeal to me that both Keith and Peter went into some detail right at the end – I can see how powerful the technique is that they discussed, it’s just that it wasn’t really for me. You may decide it’s worth the price of the course just for that final piece of information, it just wasn’t for me.

Overall it’s a great program that taught me a lot – even though I thought I knew a lot about blogging to sell. Is it worth the asking price? Yes – definitely. When I got a copy of it Peter was talking of charging at least $297 for it – and it would have been a steal at that. Now that he’s decided to let it go for the cost of shipping only makes it a real “no-brainer”!

I think there is something in Blogging To Sell for everybody. If you’re the kind of person who likes to get down and dirty with blog configuration, and very specific social bookmarking techniques (that it seems nobody else is using yet), then you’re going to love it. I certainly did.

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