Building Your Own Authority Backlink Network

In my last post (Backlinks and Search Engine Traffic For Free) I talked about building your own authority backlink network, with the main purpose of increasing link popularity to your new sites as and when you build them, without the need to embark on expensive and time consuming link campaign projects.

I’m now going to expand on how I build my own authority sites, and why they offer so much “link juice” to every new site I link to from them.

What’s in an IP address?

First, I need to explain a little about how IP addresses work as far as link popularity is concerned. Google likes to see lots of links from lots of different domains on different IP addresses, and especially different class C IP addresses. So what do I mean by that?

Let’s say you’ve just built a new site and it’s hosted on IP address Those 4 blocks of numbers in the IP address are different classes:

The first block is the A block (or class) – in this case 72
The second block is the B block – in this case 40
The third is the C block – 200
And the fourth is the D block – 123.

So if you have a link from a domain on the same C block as your domain, Google does not value that link as highly as it would value a link from a domain on a different C block.

Using this piece of information we can now to start to build our authority network.

The way I create my networks is by buying a low cost hosting account from several different web hosts. Each of these web hosts will give me an account with a unique C class IP address, and allow me to host several domains for around $5 – $10 a month. So I buy 10 of these host accounts, get my 10 unique class C IP addresses, and start adding my domains to them.

All Domains Are Not Created Equal

Now, for your authority sites, I recommend you always go for .com domain names. Regardless of what TLD you use for your “money sites”, these backlink sites should always be .coms. For the domain names I usually select something generic as I will be creating themed categories on each one. is a good example of a “generic” name – it doesn’t really mean anything, and won’t be associated with a specific niche or market.

So, this next step is to sign up for as many low cost hosting accounts as you can afford, and host one domain on each account. One domain is fine for now – later we will start adding more domains to each account.

When you register your domains, don’t forget to make sure it’s a .com, and if you can afford it, register them for 2 years or more.

That’s it for this time – next post I’ll talk about what software you can use to build the domains on these accounts (wordpress, Joomla, drupal etc) and what sort of content to post on them.

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