Firepow blog promotion tool – does it really rock?

I’ve been watching the growth and development of Firepow for several months now, and must say it’s a very impressive tool.

One of the main features that really seals it for me is the inbuilt Social Network Submitter. This allows you to submit links to your blogs posts to 40 different high PR and high traffic social networking and bookmarking sites. If you’re familiar with social bookmarking you’ll understand that this is a very powerful benefit.

To give you an example of this raw power, I currently use RSS Bookmarker for spreading links to my sites across the Web 2.0 environment. RSS Bookarker has dramatically increased the amount of traffic I get to my sites, and it only works with 30 of the top social bookmarking sites. So to get access to an extra 10 sites is very impressive.

You have the option ti run the Social Submitter in either manual or automatic mode. Obvioulsy manual mode means you need to make the submissions yourself from within the Firepow environment, but it’s the automatic option that really appeals to me. With it set to auto, Firepow will automatically submit links for every post on every one of your blogs to every one of the social bookmarking sites. That’s a massive time saver if you currently do it yourself, or a big money saver if you oursource your bookmarking promotion.

For me, this feature alone is worth the price of Firepow, but there’s a whole lot more to the system that will literally put your blog marketing on steroids. If blogging is a part of your online buisness, or you want it to be, I can strongly recommend you check out Firepow.

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