How To Increase Link Popularity The Easy Way

Or how I use ingenious article marketing strategies, text link directories and text link services to increase link popularity with permanent oneway links – the easy way.

Today I want to talk about getting one way links to your site to increase link popularity – there’s the hard way, where you do all the work yourself, or the easy way where you use a text link directory or text link service.

I’ll talk about using both options, and show exactly how I do it with my sites.

As affiliate marketers, one of our aims in life is to rank well on the top search engines, like Google, MSN and Yahoo, for our main keywords. Before you enter any market, if you’re planning to use search engines for traffic, you need to research how easy it will be to rank well for your chosen keywords.

Do Your Market Research

Lots of people tell you to check out how many competing pages there are for your keywords, and find the long tail phrases with a low number of competing pages – by low number they usually refer to 50,000 or less.

That’s a good guide, but it’s not the whole story – ideally, you first check should be how many backlinks do you need to appear on page 1 for a given keyword. There’s lots of services out there that you can use to check the link popularity of your keywords – just do a search for “link popularity check” on your favorite search engine to find some.

What I do is take the link popularity for the top 10 listings and average them out – that will then give me a guide as to how many one way links I need to my page to get on page one. If the average is less than 1000 I know I’m in with a chance – as I have a very good system for building links to compete with those numbers (which I’m going to share with you here).

First thing I do then is find three keywords for my market that get decent traffic and that I feel I can compete with – so an average link popularity of less than 1000 and less than 100,000 competing pages. You may want to go for small numbers to start with.

Now We Get Our Hands Dirty

I then use a text link service called 3 Way Links that will give me about 250 permanent oneway links to my site – these links don’t appear all at once – they are automatically added over time to look as natural as possible to the search engines. 3 Way Links has been responsible for getting a lot of my sites on the first page of Google for some very lucrative keywords.

I tested this service on an article based adsense site of mine and within 2 months that site went from brand new to making $10 a day, so it works very well, but you need to pick keywords you can compete for. Don’t go for phrases like “health insurance” – that’s just way too competitive.

Next, I start building more links to my site using a software application called Directory Submitter. This can get me up to 2200 one way links – this is with the paid version. There’s a free version which you can use to submit your site to up to 350 directories. Not every site will accept your link, but those that do will give you a permanent one way back link.

I usually submit to between 50 and 100 sites per week using Directory Submitter, and this is a task that you will seriously want to consider outsourcing. If you do it yourself, it’s definitely worth your time, but it’s also well worth paying someone to do it for you.

Article Marketing Works – So Let’s Use It

Once a week I’ll also submit an article for my site using Unique Article Wizard – I won’t go into detail about UAW here, as I’ve already posted a detailed description about that system.

Finally, I’ll post some article about my site to several of the free blogs out there – I recommend you create a blog on and to get started, and then add more sites into the mix as you go along. I’ll post back with some of the other effective sites over the next few weeks so as not to overload you right now.

One blog system I highly recommend is called Better Than Backlinks – this service has been responsible for getting some of my brand new sites spidered and indexed by all 3 major search engines within a matter of days – google actually showed up within 7 hours of posting a link on my blog here.

So that’s pretty much it – there’s a few hours of work involved, but if you follow this system, I can pretty much guarantee your sites will be very quickly picked up by the search engines and will start getting some first page ranking very quickly.

A quick recap on the different services I use are:

3 Way Links
Directory Submitter
Unique Article Wizard
Better Than Backlinks

One thought on “How To Increase Link Popularity The Easy Way

  1. mupar

    Hi Mike, great up to date blog you’ve got going here. I’ve got a question i know you can help me with. I keep getting rejected by 3way links because the header & footer on my resources (links) page doesn’t match the rest of the site. I can’t seem to get the right code to submit. It looks like you obviously have been able to accomplish this. Could you please help me out with what i should be using for my header & footer code since you also use semiologic pro platform?

    Thanks & looking forward to your reply,

    Regards, mitch


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