How To Use Social Media Marketing To Get Page 1 Rankings

If you’re not using some form of  social media marketing in your website promotion campaigns, you’re making life hard for yourself. Yet defining a social media strategy that works is not the easiest task on your to do list. Fortunately it doesn’t need to be anymore – first rate social media services like SYNND and SocialAdr have taken all the hard work out of the equation

With the latest Google algorithm updates it’s clear that Google are placing more emphasis on social media with regards to rankings sites in the SERPs. Getting to the top of the SERPs is not just about “old fashioned” link building anymore (though backlinks are still important) – your sites need social votes (and not just one or two from your own bookmarking accounts) to cut it.

Spinning the life out of an article and submitting it to tens or even hundreds of “article directories” isn’t going to work anymore either, because Google clamped down on “content farms”, which effectively are what “article directories” are, even those that work with spun articles. Article spinning still works – but sumbitting your spun articles to networks like SEOLinkVine and Article Marketing Automation are a sure fire way to attract a SERPs penalty to your site real quick.

So What’s The Solution For Easy and Effective Social Media Marketing?

Well, Google are clearly giving much more weight and credibility to social media now – although having said that they’ve been strong on social media for quite a while. You only have to look through the SERPs for your chosen keywords and you’ll see Facebook and news pages. So your sites need to be getting attention from social media and bookmarking sites like Twitter, Digg, Facebook, StumbleUpon and Google+1 just to mention a few.

So we’re one step closer to some first page rankings, but one or two people tweeting about your latest blog post, or 3 or 4 people Digging your page isn’t going to cut it. If that worked, everybody would be getting first page rankings virtually overnight. You’re going to need lots of retweets and lots of Diggs, lots of book marks and lots of votes – particulalry Google+1′s. Now I don’t know about you but I don’t have the time (or the inclination) to create hundreds of accounts on all these social media marketing sites, and then go about voting for my pages from each account (and that’s assuming that these sites don’t delete your accounts because they’re all created from the same IP address). You need lots of votes that all come from separate and unique accounts in order for your site to gain any credibility – and those accounts need to be “aged” too (a brand new Google+1 account isn’t going to carry anywhere near as much weight as a 2 or 3 year old one!).

SYNND and SocialAdr – One Stop Shops For Social Media Marketing and Promotion

There are several solutions to this – 2 or 3 by way of automated software (like RSS Bookmarker and Bookmarking Demon for example), and some social media services that use an automated outsourced social media promotion solution like SYNND and SocialAdr.

Up until a a year ago I used RSS Bookmarker, which still works, but only with bookmarking accounts (as does Bookmarking Demon). SYNND and SocialAdr however work with the mainstream social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Delicious, Google+1 and Digg to name just a few.

Having said that, it’s one thing to vote for and bookmark your articles and URLs across a bunch of different networks but it’s another thing altogether to have 50, 100, 200, 500 people bookmark your content on each network (creating a lot of “social buzz”). Social Buzz is also a new ranking factor. If many people are bookmarking your content then you are telling the search engines that your content is “timely” and “relevant”. Each time a person bookmarks your content it creates another reference to your content. Each time another person bookmarks that same content then you increase your ranking and visibility within each bookmarking network and in the search engines… Synnd and SocialAdr do this on auto-pilot.

SYNND and SocialAdr are memberships of literally thousands of real people who all have their own unique accounts with all those “Google respected” sites like Twitter, Facebook, Digg, StumbleUpon etc.

The way it works is very simple. You submit your links to the system, add in some content (for title and a brief description – which are spinnable so it looks like the voting is genuine and not mass automated), and have as many members as you want vote for you. In fact, both SYNND and SocialAdr  systems do all the voting for you, but they us the other member accounts for the voting. There’s a very clever module that logins in to the social accounts using other members account details (and their IP address to keep it looking real) and votes for your links.

As a PRO member of SYNND you get 1500 credits each month – those credits can be used to get votes to your links. You wouldn’t want 1500 votes all going to one URL, but you don’t want to spread them too thinly either. I usually aim for between 75 and 125 votes for each new URL I add to the system. This gives them enough to get on or near the first page of the social media site (like Digg for example) and consequently seen as important by the search engines.

The bottom line being that your links get voted up in a natural looking way, and are quickly picked up by the major search engines.

SocialAdr works in a similar way – your membership earns you credits each month. These credits are then paid to other members when they vote or bookmark your URLs, using the content (titles and descriptions) that you want then to.

Since I started using SYNND and SocialAdr I’ve noticed some very impressive effects on the rankings of my sites in the SERPs, which are still there after the recent Panda updates.

With so many “linking/content networks” out of the game now, it’s makes sense to start using something that clearly works.

Just one point I would make though is that SYNND also provides the option to submit articles to places like EzineArticles and several other high profile article directories. If you do join SYNND, I would recommend not using your credits for submitting articles to these sites for the time being, until more feedback has been gathered regarding the authority of these sites, and if they’ll continue to prove a valuable link resource.

SYNND and SocialAdr are paid memberships site, but they also offer a completely free service where you can submit a single URL to test the waters. It’s not a free 7 day trial where you get automatically billed after 7 days, it’s completely free for as long as you want – the only difference is that you don’t get access to all the promotion tools. But there’s enough in there to see how well it works.

Personally, I use SocialAdr to get lots of people bookmarking my sites, and SYNND to get votes from Facebook and Google+1. It works

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  1. Steve Blade

    Hey killer share here man. I’ve been tapping way more into the power of social recently, and this looks like it would help tremendously. I’m headed to check it out now. Thanks again!


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