ImEye Review

ImEye – Niche Marketing Made Easy?

If you’ve not heard of IMEye yet, it probably won’t be long before you start seeing all the self proclaimed “gurus” pushing it to their lists. But does it really warrant the heavy promotion it’s getting – even now?

If you’re into niche marketing of any kind, then one of the biggest problems you’ll likely have in your business is finding and researching not only profitable niches, but ones that are easy to compete it as well. That’s always been one of my biggest problems, and to a certain extent it still is.

So when I heard that IMEye will search for profitable niches based on your personal selection criteria I was a little skeptical to say the least. So I decided to put my money were their mouth is! They have a money back guarantee so I figured I had nothing to lose by giving it a run.

Once I’d signed up and watched the tutorial videos, I put IMEye to the test.

I wanted some niches for my next batch of adsense sites (adsense is not dead by the way – far from it) – my criteria were over 20,000 searches a month, less than 50,000 competing pages, less than 25,000 competing pages where the keywords are in the page title (like using the “intitle” parameter in a google search) and where the average cost per click for adwords was over $2.50 (so that I knew if I got clicks on the ads I would earn at least $0.75 per click).

I set these parameters (which was surprisingly very easy) and pretty much instantly I had a list of over 1250 niches that I could pick from. How easy was that! It took me less than a minute (after watching the videos) to get this list of niches. Pretty impressive I must say.

I picked 5 niches that I personally favored and am now in the process of building some sites out for adsense income.

My only concern at the moment (which I guess is pretty minor at best) is how quickly will IMEye continue to research new niche markets and add them to it’s database. If they can keep up with demand they seem to have a pretty good tool on their hands here. I can recommend taking 10 minutes to at least check out their site and watch the intro video of how it all works. I’m glad I did.

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