Increase Link Popularity and One Way Links with Linkvana

Linkvana - the new one way link building service to increase link popularity.

If you want to dominate the search engines, you probably already know that to get to the top the only way is to increase link popularity for your sites. And to do that, you need to do a lot of high quality one way link building.

Not all incoming links are created equal – and some links can actually harm your site rather than help it.

You’ve probably heard of the many one way link building systems and services out there where you get access to a whole bunch of blogs where you can post your links with a couple of paragraphs of content. Unfortunately most of these services allow pretty much any old crap on their network, and consequently their blogs are being delisted by Google faster than they can add them.

Well, the good news is that that’s all about to change. A good friend of mine and professional SEO consultant has recently released his on backlink building system – but with a twist – this one works, and will always work.

The big difference that sets this service apart from the rest is that every post gets manually approved before it’s allowed to be posted to the sites. So only good clean and unique content is ever going to make it onto the sites. Which means the search engines are never going to fall out with them, and they won’t be getting delisted for spammy or “machine generated” content.

I’ve been beta testing Linkvana recently so have first hand experience of how it works, and in my opinion it beats the hell out of all the other blog networks out there that offer backlink building services.

To give you a very brief overview, you start by creating a project. A project relates to a single domain. So if you have 10 domains you want to promote, you create a project for each one – so 10 projects in total.

Then within each project you can create as many “posts” as you wish. Each post is a snippet of content (a couple of hundred works is fine) with a link to a particular page on the domain – this could be to the home page or a deep link to any sub page. When you’re happy with the post you simply click the “send” button and the post is queued to be posted across the Linkvana blog network. Very easy.

The major benefits that I see of this system over all the others are:

  • Very competitive price – and cheaper than it’s nearest competitor (which is no longer accepting new members)
  • Natural Growth – The posts you make for each project get distributed across the network gradually over time. This looks much more natural from the search engines point of view, and means your links won’t get dumped for mass posting.
  • Unlimited links – you can have as many links and projects as you want.
  • Automated posting – once you add a new post to your project, Linkvana takes over and automatically adds these posts to it’s blogs. The links are added gradually for maximum “search engine friendliness” and impact.
  • Huge network of blogs (over 800 last time I heard) all on unique IPs and class C IP blocks. This is MASSIVE for increasing link popularity to your sites.
  • Content Outsourcing – the Linkvana guys have gone the extra mile and built in an outsourcing option for us. If you want, you can have the Linkvana write and create your posts for you, add your links and submit them to the network. At $2 per post this is a great time saver – and as the posts are being created by Linkvana you know your content will be unique.
  • Secrecy and confidentiality – Linkvana are not publicising their blog domain names, which means the search engines and your competitors will be unaware of what you are doing in your business.

And the other major benefit is a 25% discount on the membership fee if you join this year.

If you’re involved in search engine marketing in any way, this program really is a “no- brainer”. It’s a great way to get new sites indexed fast, and for boosting your existing sites to the top of the search engines.

I used to be a member of SET, but lost confidence in their system when their blogs started getting delisted in a major way. With Linkvana I just cannot see that happening, as no one will know the URLs of the sites. On top of that, the quality of content being posted to some of the SET blogs was very spammy and clearly machine generated”, which is very easy for the search engines to find – and consequently ban.

So to me, Linkvana has everything I need in a program for building back links and increasing link popularity.

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