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Does Linkvana still work? I’ve had quite a lot of questions from my readers asking if Linkvana still works as well as it used to, or if it even works at all. So rather than just give my opinion, I decided to run another test.

I created a brand new site with a domain which I registered on 1st October 2008. I installed WordPress on the site and added some unique content. I actually used Firepow to install and manage the site for me (Firepow makes life a lot easier if you have several blogs to manage). Took me less than 10 minutes which included adding the domain to my Firepow account and getting Firepow to install and configure wordpress (and all the SEO plugins).

I logged in to the blog and made sure that the “ping list” was empty, so that there would be no additional promotion on the blog other than what I was going to do with Linkvana. I then posted 5 new and unique articles (which I had written for me) on my blog (again, all managed by Firepow). Total time for this task 20 minutes.

I then logged into my Linkvana account, created a new project for this domain, and added a single post to the Linkvana network for this new site. Each post you add to the Linkvana network has to be at least 100 words and also unique – so I rewrote the first couple of paragraphs of one of the articles that I just posted on my blog. The link was to an internal page on my site – not the homepage. This task took 6 minutes.The beauty of using wordpress for a site is that apart from the fact that search engines love blogs, wordpress also gives you a constantly updated list of other blogs that link to you. So as soon as my post in Linkvana was live on their network, my wordpress blog picked it up.

That’s all I did. I didn’t use any other promotion methods – no social bookmarking, no videos, no article marketing – nothing – just one post to the Linkvana network.

So, to cut to the chase, here’s that stats from my test:

I created the blog and added the content on 3rd October at 9:23 am

I added the post to my Linkvana account on 3rd October at 9:47am (grabbed a coffee after updating the blog)

I don’t know exactly when the post to the Linkvana network went live, but the blog page on the Linkvana blog (with my link in it) was indexed by Google on 3rd October at 4:40 pm (16:40:17 according to Google). That in itself is pretty amazing – it means the page on the Linkvana blog, which has a link to my site, was found by the Google crawler (Googlebot) crawled and indexed in less than 7 hours from going live. That suggests that Google really loves these Linkvana blogs.

The page on my site that the Linkvana blog is linking to was added to the Google index on 3rd October at 10:13pm (22:13:21 according to Google’s cache). Which is even more amazing, because it means that Google indexed my page in less than 6 hours after finding a link to it on the Linkvana blog.

So the bottom line is that my brand new site was indexed within Google in just under 13 hours.

I checked the traffic stats the next day using awstats from within cpanel and discovered the site was also getting traffic from Google based on the long tail keyword which I had written that page for.

I checked the stats for my site again on 5th October and found that all five pages of my blog were now indexed within Google. The site had also received 113 visits from the Yahoo crawler (yahoo Slurp) and 13 visits from the MSN crawler (MSNBot). And all that from adding a singe post to the Linkvana system with a single link to a single page on my brand new site.

I must admit I was quite surprised myself with these results – I knew Linkvana was still excellent value for money (I’m still a full member after almost 12 months now), but wasn’t expecting to see things happening quite this fast.

So if you’re still on the fence about Linkvana, I can sincerely recommend you give a shot. Build a simple blog, put some content on there, and add some posts to your Linkvana account which link to internal pages on your site. If you put an affiliate banner on your pages, or even just adsense for now, you’ll be making money very quickly. And if you have any questions, please add them as comments to this post – I check the comments every day so you’ll get some answers pretty quickly.

2 thoughts on “Linkvana – Important Update

  1. Dave

    Hi Mike, I’m considering linkvana, neurolinker, nextgenlinks going through your links of course. what would you consider a good mix of the products you’ve reviewed? I currently own 1waylinks, mywaylinks, 3waylinks. I like 3way, myway not so much since the system has been recently altered. 1waylinks, I have the blog set up but have been slow about writing articles as that is my least favorite thing to do. Also, what process do you go through to find kw you want to use? i.e. 200 serches a month with 10,000 or less competition. Do you use quotes in your kw searches? Do you determine competition by the kw in their incoming anchor text links? I’m glad I found your blog your reviews sound honest.

  2. Mike Post author

    I still like Linkvana but you have to be consistent with it. My approach with it is to post between 1 and 3 links to every page on the site I’m promoting (most sites are 10 – 15 pages) then focus on the main pages I really want to rank well (like the ones for keywords with the highest searches).

    I’ll also promote web 2.0 sites using Linkvana, like my squidoo lenses and articles – which of course link back to my money pages.

    For my keyword research I use Micro Niche Finder a lot coupled with Google’s own keyword tool.

    Micro Niche Finder will check the competition but I also double check it for the higher searched keywords with the search term in quotes and incoming anchor text links.


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