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Just wanted to post a quickie update re Linkvana – I got an email from them last week with some news on their blog network. In essence is said that for every month you remain a member of Linkvana you get access to more and more high PR blogs within their link network. Which means you have more high PR blogs to get one way links from.

Not only that but they are adding about 350 more blogs (all of which are over 2 years old with a minimum PR2) to the system over the next month or so. Aged sites are very powerful as far as increasing link popularity is concerned, because Google in particular gives more weight to a link from an “aged” domain than it does from a new domain.

I’ve been a member of Linkvana since it first started out back in October 2007, and it is the most powerful link building tool I have in my arsenal. Dave and his team really take a pride in maintaining the system, and even more so in protecting the network to ensure your links from the Linkvana blogs give you powerful backlinks that count.

So if you’re still on the fence about Linkvana, and in need of an effective and long term solution for getting one way links and to increase link popularity to your sites (which ultimately results in better rankings and more free traffic from the search engines) you can’t go wrong.

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