My EVO II Review

I decided to give EVO II from Pete Drew another trial to see if it has improved any from the initial offering in the form of Brute Force SEO early in 2009. It seems that a lot of changes and enhancements (not to mention bug fixes) have been done to the system to make it a lot easier to use, and more powerful in what it does.

To be honest, it was a friend of mine (who happens to be a good friend of Pete’s) who recommended I take it for a spin, so based on his suggestion, I signed up for the free 7 day trial and put it though it’s paces.

Once I read through the tutorial PDF and videos, my first impression was that’s not only a lot easier to use, but it has a lot more power in terms of SEO and getting your web site pages ranked well. It submits articles to a total of 9 high PR authority article directories, 13 high PR web 2.0 sites (like digg, diigo, mixx, etc), 11 video sites and the top 5 rss submission sites (like feedage)

EVO II did most of these in its previous life as BFSEO, but when I used it 12 months ago it was unreliable as to which articles directories it actually submitted to. I had to manually login to each site and check if the article had been submitted – invariably it hadn’t so I had to do it manually. With EVO II this isn’t the case – I’ve now run EVO II for a total of 47 articles (been a busy week) and every one has been submitted to all 9 article directories successfully. Some of the directories are very slow to approve (or reject articles) but at least they were submitted automatically for me.

EVO II also submits a selection of my URLs and the URLs of the web 2.0 pages it creates to all 13 social bookmarking and networking sites – which means the pages on my site, and my pages on the web 2.0 are noticed by the search engines. It’s all well and good creating pages on Web 2.0 properties like, etc, with links back to your money sites, but if the search engines don’t find those web 2.0 pages, they don’t know they exist and consequently your links aren’t helping you get your money sites ranked. So bookmarking your web 2.0 pages is very important. EVO II now does this automatically.

The other neat thing I like a lot about EVO II is the high PR backlinks it creates using sites from Angela’s Backlinks service. At the time of writing, EVO II works with 122 of these sites (all of which range from PR4 to PR8). Each of these sites requires you to enter a captcha code when creating a new page/backlink, but EVO II even has that covered as it can now automatically handle entering the captcha codes for you. So everything really is totally automated just like it says on the tin.

The current subscription fee for EVO II is $157 a month, and after having trialled it, I was happy to let my subscription renew at this price. It saves me a couple of hours for each article I submit, and on top of that it creates 13 web 2.0 pages for me, links on 122 high PR sites, and bookmarks all these new pages for me so that the search engines find all of my backlinks.

All the sites that I’ve promoted using this new version are seeing more traffic from improved rankings, and the new sites I’ve created and promoted using only this method are getting indexed quickly and seeing initial traffic a lot quicker than I would have expected. So all in I’m quite impressed.

When I started the free 7 day trial I was fully expecting to cancel it before I was charged, but having seen what the new EVO II can do, and all on auto pilot, I was more than happy to let my subscription stand.

If you’re currently building sites and want to get then ranked highly in Google, or simply promoting affiliate offers direct through our affiliate links, EVO II can do a lot of the grunt work for you. If you’re thinking of signing up for the free trial, make sure you test it out with some of your existing sites that could do with a boost in rankings, and create at least one new site to see how quickly it will get crawled and indexed just by using EVO II to promote it.

I’m not one to promote all the latest (and not so greatest) internet marketing products just because everybody else is – I like to try them out and fully review them before I even think of writing about them. EVO II deserves some of my time to spread the word about it – it will save you a lot of time in promoting your sites, and get you some good rankings in the process.

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