My Linkvana Results and Linkvana Bonus Offer – 25 Free and Permanent High PR Backlinks

I’m No.1 On Google Today thanks to Linkvana

Linkvana offer – 25 Free High PR Backlinks – if you’re considering signing up for Linkvana, make sure you check out the last paragraph of this post for details of a special offer for new subscribers

I have some more results from using Linkvana that I wanted to share with you that have literally blown me away – one of my sites just hit the number 1 spot on Google for a pretty competitive term.

And a sub page on the same site is at No. 2 – so I have the top 2 spots. How awesome is that?

And all I’ve done for this site is promote it through Linkvana – nothing else.

I’m not going to share the phrase I’m ranking for, but I will say that it’s a 2 word phrase that currently has over 5,300,000 competing pages in Google and gets over 500 searches a day according to Wordze (the page is averaging 300-350 unique visitors a day so it’s probably about right).

The extra traffic I’m getting for this search term alone has easily covered the cost of my Linkvana subscription, and left me with some very nice profits too.

Over the last three days this site has received an extra 1200 visitors, which has resulted in an extra 23 sales of the affiliate product I’m promoting on the site. For each sale I earn a recurring $50 per month, so I’ve just increased my income by $1150 per month. I added this site to Linkvana just under 2 months ago – I spent about 30 minutes setting up the project and adding my first 10 posts, then I spent $100 on the Linkvana posts service to order the content for more articles which will be posted across the network with my links in them. Time and money well spent in my opinion.

So if you’re looking to get some first page rankings on Google I can strongly recommend you go get a subscription to Linkvana and start using it in your business – it’s definitely a worthwhile investment.

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My Linkvana Offer:

If you join Linkvana today (click here to join) the Linkvana guys will give you 25 free and permanent high PR backlinks to the sites of your choice to get you started. With links of this quality you could easily see an increase in traffic in a matter of days.

15 thoughts on “My Linkvana Results and Linkvana Bonus Offer – 25 Free and Permanent High PR Backlinks

  1. affiliate marketing guide

    Well it’s been 2 months since this post and i have a question.

    I really am not into short term, short lived results that are here today and gone tomorrow.

    So my question is this.

    Two months later and having used only Linkvana, is the same webpage still ranking number one in google for the same keywords???


  2. Mike Post author

    Yes – the sites I promoted with Linkvana are still enjoying first page listings. The page one results tend to vary from day to day, but my site has never been off page 1 (in fact I’ve never seen it lower than position 4).

    I’d say 50% of the time it’s got the #1 spot, the rest of the time it’s somewhere in the top 4.

    I keep building links to the site with Linkvana, which helps keep the page fresh in the search engines.

    Linkvana now also has some new features where you can schedule how often the links get added to your site – so it posts at a schedule decided by you.

  3. edynas


    Just wondering…coukd you give a new update on your results with Linkvana. Am on the edge of buying it and was wondering what the current results are for you using their system.


  4. Mike Post author


    It’s still working pretty good for me. I’m now using the Linkvana content system for getting my posts written as well – which means it’s completely hands off for me. I add about 20 – 30 new posts for each of my sites each month (which results in 20 -30 new backlinks to each of my sites for my chosen keywords).

    The traffic to my sites is increasing every month, and the stats tracking software I’m using is showing my rankings in the search engines are improving every month as well. So all in I’m very happy with the results.

    If it’s backlinks you’re looking for, this is a very worthwhile service. You might also want to check out AMA – see here for more info I use both of these services now (Linkvana and AMA) and seeing some impressive results.


  5. Mike Post author

    Another quickie update re linkvana – they have recently added another batch of very high quality blogs with some decent PR. Once you’ve been a member for 3 months you then get access to other networks of blogs with the Linkvana system – so the longer you’re a member the more blogs you get to post your links to. Seems fair to me :o )

  6. James Lee

    I understand that using Linkvana on already established sites like on your EZA articles or lenses will help boost it, but what happens if you use Linkvana on a completely new website? Won’t that raise flags with Google since your site has no authority and yet is receiving PR2-6 links?

  7. Mike Post author

    Hi James. Yes – you’re right – for new sites I tone it down a little. I use Linkvana on both new sites and established sites (and web 2 pages like EZA,squidoo etc).

    For my established sites where I want to boost rankings or gets links to new pages (which is more often the case) I can happily post links at the rate of 1-3 a day without rasining any red flags.

    For new sites I will usually set linkvana to post at a rate of 1 post every other day to keep a low profile. I’ll post at this rate for about 3-5 weeks then up the rate to make a post every day for a week or so. Then if I need to get any more links I’ll select the “Humanize” option which randomizes the post rate to make it look natural.

    During the first 3-5 weeks of a new site I’ll also publish 2 or 3 articles using unique article wizard. UAW has “drip post” option which I set to post my articles to 15 new sites each day. That may seem a lot for a new site, but these links from my UAW articles usually take a few weeks to start showing – so again, nothing rushed and no red flags.

    Hope that helps


  8. chun kay

    Hi Mike, Congratulation.

    I am actually a new user of linkvana. I signed up in 27April. May i know usually need how long to see the linkvana result?

    1. Mike Post author

      Once you add your site and start adding some posts into Linkvana, you should start to see some results within a week or so. Certainly you should see some activity from the search engines spiders within a few days at most. Then you need to keep track of how your site is ranking in the search engine results and monitor it as it moves up.

  9. Mike Post author

    chunkay – few things I need to know in order to help you:

    1. Are you tageting “highly competetive” keywords? – if you are Linkvana will still work, it’s just that you will need a lot of links to hit the top 5 on page 1 of Google.

    2. Are you sites being crawled by the search engines? If I’m using Linkvana to promote a new site, I usually see the spiders showing up within 24 hours of the posts going live on the Linkvana network.

    3. How many posts have you submitted to the Linkvana network for your site? I will usually add 10 – 20 new posts when I first add a site, and set the post rate to “every other day”. When those posts are done, I’ll add another 30 or so and set the rate to “1-3 a day”. By this time the site has been getting links for about 6 weeks, the search engine spiders are normally devouring the site, and I’m seeing some decent rankings and traffic.

    Just to help reassure you, Linkvana is one of only 3 or 4 services I use myself (out of over 30 that I’ve tested) – simply becuase it does work extremely well. If you need any specific help let me know – happy to help if I can.

  10. Little Prince

    Hello Mike! in your previous comment, you mentioned that linkvana is one of 3 or 4 services you use. Is it possible to tell us the other 3 services? :) thank you very much! I’m in the process of building a solid link building campaign and it would be cool to also learn from your current methods. thanks a lot!

  11. Dave

    Hi Mike, I noticed it has been sometime since your last comment and am curious if you still recommend Linkvana. It looks like a great resource but i have been around a long time and know how some resources get ruined/ abused.


  12. Mike Post author

    Hi Dave – Yep – I still use Linkvana for all my sites and a lot of my web 2.0 pages as well. It works well for getting my own sites ranked well, and the reason I use it on my web 2.0 properties (hub pages, squidoo lenses, ezine articles etc) is that it helps boost the page rank and authority of those pages, which ultimately then pass on the authority to my sites which they are linking to.

    Along with Linkvana, the other services I use all the time are Unique Article Wizard, Article Marketing Automation and Brute Force EVO II from Pete Drew. I’ve only started using EVO II recently (after an unsuccessful trial of it’s predecessor BFSEO back in early 2009. The new EVO II is much better than the first release (a lot of bugs in the early version) and I did a more in depth review here ==> EVO II reviewed

  13. putra

    I still use Linkvana (thanks for the recommendation) for all my sites and a lot of my web 2.0 pages as well. It works well for getting my own sites ranked well, and the reason I use it on my web 2.0 properties (hub pages, squidoo lenses, ezine articles etc) is that it helps boost the page rank and authority of those pages, which ultimately then pass on the authority to my sites which they are linking to.


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