NextGenLinks Update

After the 2 week trial of NextGenLinks ended I decided to go ahead and renew my membership as it had been working reasonably well for me – though not without some teething problems.

I was actually tempted to cancel, but after speaking with Charles (the owner) to give him my feedback, he told me about the new features being added to the next upgrade (which should be live in the next week or so). These updates convinced me to continue with my membership.

If you signed up for the trial, you’ll understand how the system worked, and that it wasn’t really a fully automated system, and that you did actually need to login and check the account every couple of days to confirm (or reject) any new incoming and outgoing links to your sites. The new NextGenLinks update now makes it a totally 100% automated system.

As the new features are still in testing, you have the option to participate in the new features if you wish – I’d recommend you do as Charles if offering you a couple of very neat bonuses for helping him test out the new NextGenLinks features. The testing will last for 3 or 4 days and will be opened up this week – well worth getting involved in my opinion. I’m in it.

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