NextGenLinks – A New Concept in One Way Links Building

Have you heard of or seen NextGenLinks yet? It’s a fairly new (or at least newly available) link building system that builds backlinks to your sites which is pretty much 95% automated.

The neat thing about NextGenLinks that I really like is that it builds one way links to every page on your site, not just the home page.

One of the biggest footprints of automated link building systems is that they only build links to your home page. This is a dead giveaway to the search engines and they will no doubt drop sites that only have incoming links to their home page simply because it’s just not natural. This leads to a very unnatural incoming link structure that will get you penalized by the big search engines.

That’s the main reason why linkbuilding services like 1WayLinks and Neurolinker let you deep link to internal page URLs into their system – to make it look like a more natural linking process. Deep links are the best type of one way back links that you can get, and why some SEO companies charge huge fees to get them for you.

The beauty of NextGenLinks is that you can get as many deep links as you want to your sites all on autopilot.

Personally I’m pretty excited by this system, and have even postponed one of my current projects to hire some new link building outsourcers while I check out NextGenLinks.

They have a 14 day free trial right now, and very competitive pricing plans which I really recommend you check out. The system makes it very easy to add your new sites, and if you add a few sites the day you sign up you should definitely see some results before the 14 day trial is up. If not, you just cancel your subscription and will have lost nothing.

I’m using NextGenLinks on 5 of my sites to test it out – it definitely gets a “recommended” rating from me. It’s even got a strong endorsement from Willie Crawford, and I’ve learnt a lot from Willie over the last few years.

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