Personal Development Plans

This week I’ve spent some time working on my personal development plan as I’m a big believer in working on yourself as well as your business. I read a lot of personal development books and listen to a lot of CDs, but the problem I find with most of these self improvement courses, is that they are very good at getting you motivated and feeling empowered, but after an hour or so, when all that adrenaline has subsided – what do you do then? Apart from read the next book or listen to another CD?


Building Confidence The Easy Way

building confidenceA couple of weeks ago I found out about a new “mind control” program that uses some very simple NLP techniques to help people overcome limiting and debilitating beliefs and emotions, and learn how to build confidence.

My one self confidence took a bit of a hit earlier this year when we discovered my dad had hodgkins disease (a form of leukaemia) and he was in a bad way. (Fortunately, thanks to a combination of the wonders of modern medicine and alternative health remedies, he’s well again now). Anyway, I figured I could probably use a few tips on how to build self confidence – and I really liked the videos that came with the course (which is all free by the way) that I decided to give it a shot.

Mind Control Tricks with Magic Hats

It’s called Magic Hats, and has been created by a personal development coach who is also a Master NLP practitioner (I like NLP as well, so it really hit all my “hot buttons”).

David teaches you how to use the Magic Hats to control your feeling and emotions, and covers some very simple (and very effective – at least they were for me) techniques for building confidence and overcoming our limiting beliefs.

Confidence Coaching That Works

building self confidenceI’ve “been under” other coaches in the past, but David’s approach to building confidence really hit home for me. Two weeks later and I really do feel a huge benefit for having followed his techniques – it only takes 1 few minutes each day, and repays you in a big way for your effort.

I’m going to be reporting my progress with the program over the coming weeks (and months) as I progress to the different colored hats (I’m still only on my yellow hat so am really excited about discovering the rest), but I can seriously recommend you check it out – especially as it’s 100% free. Get yours at Personal Development Plans.

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