PLRPro and Article Marketing Automation

I want to share some very exciting news and give you an update on what’s happening over at PLRPro – and in particular, their new baby Article Marketing Automation.

I joined PLRPro back in November 2006 and am still a member to this day (that in itself speaks volumes for the quality of work Marc and Daniel deliver), and have been quietly building niche content blogs ever since.

A couple of months back they shut the doors to new members while they released some brand new marketing tools and systems to their site, which all existing (and new) members are getting access to. One of these tools is called Article Marketing Automation. This has got to be one of the biggest breakthrough’s they have made in helping you automate your marketing efforts – whether you build PLR article sites or not.

It’s basically a very powerful way of building natural and unique backlinks to any sites or pages you wish. So if you want to promote your own site, or a squidoo page, AMA will really boost your rankings in the search engine (Google in particular). I know this for a fact as I’ve been using it myself for the last couple of months since the PLRPro guys made it available to their existing PLRPro members. In the short time I’ve been using it I’ve seen a lot of my own sites (and plenty of my Web 2.0 pages like squidoo) get on the first page, with a healthy selection in the top 3 results as well.

AMA also lets you promote your own YouTube videos as well as standard sites. If you haven’t been hiding under a rock lately, you will know how powerful YouTube videos can be.

If you have been watching the SEO scene lately you would have also seen how YouTube videos are getting first page rankings for some very competitive terms very easily. The reason being is that Google wants to include extra media in its search results, it also appears that YouTube videos are not competing on the same level as the rest of the index.

It is a lot easier to get a first page ranking for your own YouTube video then it is for a normal site. So the PLRPro guys have this covered within the new promotion system.
The way it works is, in AMA, when submitting an article you can now also include a YouTube URL (your YouTube video that you created, or another one if you just want your post to look better).

Then you input some extra YouTube anchor text keywords (the terms you want your YouTube video to rank in Google for) – and that’s it.

When AMA submits your article, it will also include your video as well as a link back to your YouTube video, with varying anchor text, helping you get better video rankings as well.

I don’t know of any other promotion system that is doing this right now, and certainly not as easy as this. This is a powerful feature, but is just one element of what the system really does.

Article Marketing Automation helps you distribute your high quality articles to high quality real sites giving you an instant marketing advantage and increase in link popularity with your website.

I personally have even been able to get first page rankings for normal (not video) competitive keywords with over 500,000 competing pages with a 3 month old web site.

What would it mean to you and your income goals if you could do this exact same promotion to your very own money sites?

PLRPro is still closed to new members for the moment (they will be opening up again in a few weeks) but in the meantime, if you want to take advantage of this next generation Article Marketing Automation system, I can strongly recommend getting involved today. Go check it out now

2 thoughts on “PLRPro and Article Marketing Automation

  1. Franck Silvestre

    I just started with AMA, and I recommend that you add your links at the bottom of your articles since blog owners may reject it when the link is at the top.

    This is a great piece of software.


  2. Mike Post author

    Good tip Franck – a lot of people have their sites set to “auto approve” articles from AMA but the ones that don’t (and these sites are usually good quality high PR sites, so worth getting a link on) will certainly review each article before it goes live. If you have a link near the top of the article it’s less likely the article will get approved, so by adding your links in the bottom half of the article you’re more likley to get approved.


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