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My Linkvana Results and Linkvana Bonus Offer – 25 Free and Permanent High PR Backlinks

I’m No.1 On Google Today thanks to Linkvana

Linkvana offer – 25 Free High PR Backlinks – if you’re considering signing up for Linkvana, make sure you check out the last paragraph of this post for details of a special offer for new subscribers

I have some more results from using Linkvana that I wanted to share with you that have literally blown me away – one of my sites just hit the number 1 spot on Google for a pretty competitive term.

And a sub page on the same site is at No. 2 – so I have the top 2 spots. How awesome is that?

And all I’ve done for this site is promote it through Linkvana – nothing else.

I’m not going to share the phrase I’m ranking for, but I will say that it’s a 2 word phrase that currently has over 5,300,000 competing pages in Google and gets over 500 searches a day according to Wordze (the page is averaging 300-350 unique visitors a day so it’s probably about right).

The extra traffic I’m getting for this search term alone has easily covered the cost of my Linkvana subscription, and left me with some very nice profits too.

Over the last three days this site has received an extra 1200 visitors, which has resulted in an extra 23 sales of the affiliate product I’m promoting on the site. For each sale I earn a recurring $50 per month, so I’ve just increased my income by $1150 per month. I added this site to Linkvana just under 2 months ago – I spent about 30 minutes setting up the project and adding my first 10 posts, then I spent $100 on the Linkvana posts service to order the content for more articles which will be posted across the network with my links in them. Time and money well spent in my opinion.

So if you’re looking to get some first page rankings on Google I can strongly recommend you go get a subscription to Linkvana and start using it in your business – it’s definitely a worthwhile investment.

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