The New World of Article Marketing

If you’ve ever done any form of article marketing in the past, you’ll know that it’s getting harder and harder to get the same results we used to get just a few short months ago.

There’s good reason for that – it’s called duplicate content, and yes, it is real and it does have a negative impact on the old way of marketing with articles. But fortunately all that has changed recently with the release of a very unique and very powerful software application. And no, I’m not referring to some old style article submission software – this one is brand new and pretty clever.

But before I go into too much detail, there’s something you need to understand about why the old style of article marketing is dieing…

When you write your article (or have them written by your authors) you start with a very unique article – the only one of its kind. If you then submit it to somewhere like EzineArticles, EzineArticle then has a very unique article – the only one like it. You get a back link to your site from that article on EzineArticles, and hopefully you start to get some traffic from it.

Everything is good. The standard practise of submitting articles however then suggests that you submit that article to a whole host of other article directories – like GoArticles, ArticlesFactory, PheedCentral etc (and no doubt hundreds more if you used any of those “article submitter software tools), which used to work amazingly well, as each directory would publish your article, and give you yet another backlink to your site. And more backlinks means better rankings in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) which ultimately means more traffic to your site.

However, hears the problem with this picture – the search engines recently started using duplicate content filters in their algorithms, which basically means all those additional backlinks you got by submitting your article to those hundreds of directories now count for precisely zip. As the search engines find your article on those sites, they check it against their current index and see that they actually already have a copy of that article from when you submitted it to your first article directory – so all the other copies of it on all those hundreds of article sites are ignored.

Major League Bummer!

So what’s the answer?

The short answer is that you need to submit a unique article to each and every article directory in order to gain the same results (and traffic, backlinks etc) as you used to from the old method.

Well, to me, that just sounds plain expensive and extremely time consuming – probably not even worth bothering with at all. And you’d be right – if it weren’t for a new application that was released recently. This tool (I’ll refer to it as UAW for now) offers us article marketers some really impressive (and vitally important) benefits that completely avoid the issues of duplicate content…

It automatically creates hundreds of unique versions of your articles so that each article directory it submits to gets a totally unique version of your article (no – it doesn’t use some lame pseudonym replacement system to generate the articles). The way it does it is pretty smart, but I’ll leave the owner to explain the details to you here.

It submits your article to up to 800 different article directories – the final number depends on your niche.

Creates hundreds of different resources boxes (your author bio) so each article gets a slightly different bio to enhance the unique content benefit even further.

It shows you weekly stats of which directories have picked up (and published) your articles, and how many backlinks are showing up.

Personally, I think it’s amazing. The very first article I submitted using this technique took me a total of just under 3 hours work to complete – and that included writing the article myself (which I don’t normally do), and learning my way round the system.

In return for that 3 hours work, I now have over 600 backlinks showing for that single page that I included in the article resource box – which is bringing me some very nice traffic.

By the end of the first week there were 68 links showing, and 311 within a month. To me that’s pretty amazing – 3 hours work that continues to bring in results week after week. I now outsource this entire process which adds even more benefit as it doesn’t require any of my time at all.

So – bottom line – this tool will be one the best investments you will make in your online business – and it’s dirt cheap too – check it out before he decides to raise the price

You can also follow along with my article marketing techniques to discover how I use the system in my business.

One thought on “The New World of Article Marketing

  1. Ken

    Hi Bro! :)
    Ken here from the Thirty Day Challenge.
    Article Marketing is probably one of the best web 1.0 methods of marketing, but its also one of the most misunderstood and subsequently abused.
    Good thing there’s some great information about it on blogs like this one!
    I have a free report about duplicate content that can be accessed by going to
    See you over at the challenge forum!


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