Unique Article Wizard – An Update

I’ve just received my stats from Unique Article Wizard for the articles that I’ve submitted using this system, so I thought I’d share the results with you.

The last two weeks I’ve been away on vacation, but before I went, I submitted 4 different articles using Unique Article Wizard. Each article was promoting a different site.

Article 1.

Posted on 3rd August

Currently showing 232 unique backlinks in Yahoo – these links are all pointing to my site.

Article 2.

Posted on 4th August

Currently showing 140 unique backlinks on yahoo.

Article 3.

Posted on 1st August

Currently showing 385 unique backlinks in yahoo.

Article 4.

Posted on 1st August

Currently showing 547 unique backlinks in Yahoo.

So I’m extremely happy with the backlink building side of this system – the real beauty of these links is that they are from unique content pages (unique versions of my articles) so they are far more likely to remain indexed in the search engines and continue to promote my sites and build my link popularity.

But Have I Seen An Increase in Traffic

Traffic is up an average of 47% over the first two weeks on July. All these 4 sites have been online and live since January this year, so they are reasonably well established. The increase in traffic has resulted in an increase in sales, which has more than covered the cost of Unique Article Wizard.

But another very pleasant surprise has been that I also have 4 new signs ups to UAW through my affiliate link. And all those sign ups have come from the articles themselves – not by me promoting it. Unique Article Wizard also automatically includes my UAW affiliate link in every article that gets submitted to a directory. So this little benefit on it’s own has paid for my subscription to UAW and put money in my pocket each month. Sweet.

Here’s more details about how Unique Article Wizard works in case you missed it. If you do decide to join (and I really recommend that you do), if you join through my link (UAW) then I’d like to offer you a link on three of my high PR article sites in return. These sites range from PR4 to PR6, so it will be well worth it. Just email me a copy of your receipt when you join UAW and I’ll let you know what I need from you (you can post a unique article on my sites which can include up to 2 outgoing links to quality sites of your choice). My email is mike (at) “the domain of this blog”.

2 thoughts on “Unique Article Wizard – An Update

  1. Winson Yeung

    thanks for this great review. I myself just purchase UAW and the result returning is great ! for those who have problem writing UAW articles, you can try http://ccarticles.com . I purchased around 100 to 150 uaw articles from their company and the articles is top quality. Then i submit them using the UAW and generate quite a decent of money from it as well

  2. Neil

    Mike – I joined uaw back in December 2008 based on your recommendation and have been very impressed. It can be a pain to write three versions of the same article but it’s proving to be worth the effort. I now outsource my articles as the sites I’m promoting with uaw are making enough profit to pay for my articles. Makes it a lot easier and means I can promote more sites and ramp up my site building and promotion efforts.
    So thanks for the recommendation – it does work as well as you say.


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