Unique Article Wizard – More Benefits

Two things I want to cover here – why I’m still using Unique Article Wizard, and probably more important how I’m using Unique Article Wizard.

First up – they “why I’m still using UAW”. Well, the short answer is that it flat out works. The number of article directories, blogs and CMS systems that Unique Article Wizard submits to just keeps on growing – it was well over 2000 when I checked one of my articles earlier this week.  (CMS = Content Management System – like Joomla, Drupal etc).

They also have a “drip” option where you can select to have your articles drip posted to all the sites at however many submissions per week you like – I usually select to have my articles submitted to between 40 and 60 sites each day. The end result is that all your new incoming links look natural to the search engines.

The biggest benefit to me is these links stick – I checked one of my articles that I submitted back in March 2008 (just over 12 months ago) and it’s currently showing 358 results in Google – that means at least 358 backlinks to that site that Google recognizes as valid links. Needless to say that site is ranked in the top 3 in Google for a very competitive search term, and gets masses of free traffic.

When you submit your articles through Unique Article Wizard you also have the option to include your affiliate link in your resource box. I select this option on about half the articles I submit. The end result is that your articles are also promoting UAW for you – so any people that sign up from having found your article increases your affiliate commission. I’m making a healthy 4 figure profit from UAW just for submitting my articles – sweet.

So – Unique Article Wizard works – which is very refreshing in an industry where there’s so much hype and BS being peddled about ineffective and even dead products and business models. Now I’ll tell you about my “secret weapon” regarding how I use UAW to maximum impact.

My secret is – I don’t use Unique Article Wizard – or at least not personally. I outsource the entire process from article writing to article submission – and it doesn’t cost me the earth either. Five months ago I started using a service from ReplaceMyself.com that basically gives you access to hire and train people in the Philippines to do all the stuff you can outsource in your business. The beauty of ReplaceMyself.com is that teach you how to deal with and hire people in the Philippines, and get some amazing rates too. I pay $225 a month for a full time worker who does all my article submissions with Unique Article Wizard – she submits about 20 articles per week through UAW. She also does a lot of blog commenting for me, plus social bookmarking and a whole host of other seo and link building work.

Outsourcing is not new ground for me – I’ve been outsourcing work for probably 5 or 6 years now, but since using ReplaceMyself.com my costs have been dramatically reduced, and work output has increased. The bottom line is that my bottom line is looking a whole lot healthier since I replaced my Indian based outsource guys with people from the Philippines – especially with my article marketing and Unique Article Wizard system. The guys over there have a very strong work ethic and will go out of their way to get the job done.

So, if you’re promoting anything online and use search engine traffic in your business model, you know how important it is to get your sites ranked well (in the top 5) on the search engines. Unique Article Wizard can help you achieve those top rankings, and outsourcing your article promotion makes sure the job gets done – leaving you to concentrate on other areas of your business.

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