Unique Article Wizard Strikes Again

Real Life Unique Article Wizard Review

I figured it was time to update my stance on Unique Article Wizard, especially as so much has changed over the last 12 months in the SEO world – and I’ve also been asked many times if I could run another review – so here goes:

Unique Article Wizard Vs Panda – My Case Study

Since Feb 2011 there’s been a lot of discussion about how effective Unique Article Wizard is in light of the latest Panda updates. Naturally we all want to know what’s working and what isn’t, so hopefully I can help you make some decision about Unique Article Wizard with my latest case study.

So here’s what I did and when I did it:

I had 20 UAW articles written by an outsourcing company who specialize in writing articles for Unique Article Wizard. These articles ranged between 400 and 700 words long (approx) and 5 to 10 paragraphs – the main reason being that I wanted some variation in the articles to help avoid footprints.

I chose a site to promote that is in a health related niche, and was currently sitting at position 17 in the SERPs for my chosen keyword. It was also at positions 23 and 36 for 2 other main keywords. I hadn’t touched the site in several months so there were no other factors that may interfere with the results of the Unique Article Wizard review.

I submitted all 20 articles to Unique Article Wizard over the space of 10 days (so 2 a day), and included 2 links in the resource boxes. One link pointed to my site home page using one of the 3 main keywords I was targeting (I also included a couple of generic anchor texts like “click here”), and one link went to an internal page (which I varied for each submission).

When I added the articles, each was submitted to between 173 and 411 sites. The number of sites the article is submitted to is totally dependent on UAW as it simply picks all the sites within a particular category (like “health” for example).

I set the UAW post rate to 30 per day.

I submitted the first of these articles to Unique Article Wizard on January 9th 2012, and the last one on January 18th, then left it alone and got on with other work.

I basically forgot about the study for a little over a week but remembered to check my results on February 7th. I checked my account in Unique Article Wizard, and all articles had completed posting. They’d been posted to between 173 and 411 different sites. I checked my rankings, not expecting much change, especially so soon after the submissions, but surprisingly enough, the site had moved up to position 15 for the main keyword, and positions 21 and 33 for the other 2. Not bad for such a short space of time (little over 2 weeks).

Without boring you with the weekly or even daily moves, my site now sits a position 6 for the main keyword (up from 17) and 11(up from 23) and 16 (up from 36) for the other keywords. Not earth shattering I know, but significant none the less. I’m going to continue to use Unique Article Wizard as part of my link building arsenal, and push this site a little more with another batch of UAW submissions.

I think one of the reasons Unique Article Wizard is performing so well is that the UAW network has been significantly improved lately – whether by design by the owners, or simply because of the fact that a lot of the low quality (OK, crap) sites in there have been deindexed over the last 12 months I don’t know for sure (probably both), but whatever it was, it’s on it’s way back to full health again.


Below is my original Unique Article Wizard review from 2007:

Holy Backlinks Batman – I’m really pumped today – I just got my weekly email update from Unique Article Wizard with the stats showing the number of backlinks being generated by this article marketing automation tool.

If you’re considering signing up for Unique Article Wizard, make sure you check out the last paragraph of this post for details of a special offer ……

The stats are basically a backlink check on Yahoo, showing me how many times the articles that I submitted using Unique Article Wizard are showing up in the Yahoo index – this in itself is a neat feature of UAW and not something you find in other article marketing software apps out ther.

Every week since I joined, my stats have been increasing, but today really blew me away – so I just had to share the news before I explode. It’s seems that around week 6 is the point of critical mass – I guess by this point, the article is widely spread all over the Net, and then starts to get picked up by ezine authors and other webmasters looking for content for their sites.

I’ve picked out a selection of the articles I’ve submitted to give you an idea of how well they are performing, and how the backlinks are increasing over time. This is particularly important, as it makes it look a lot more natural in the eyes of the search engines. An increase in links over time looks natural – a mass influx of links all at once and then nothing is not natural and easily detected – end result being your site either gets banned, or the links get discounted.

Anyway – here’s my Unique Article Wizard stats:

Article Submission Date
# Full Weeks Since Submitted
# Unique Backlinks Showing in Yahoo
24 July 2007
30 July 2007
31 July 2007
3 August 2007
4 August 2007
4 September 2007
4 September 2007
4 September 2007
5 September 2007
6 September 2007
10 September 2007

Pretty impressive huh! I think so too.

But backlinks are no use if they don’t bring a benefit to the table – and the benefit I’ve been experiencing through this ever increasing wealth of links is targeted traffic. The traffic to these sites is increasing at the same rate as the backlinks, and so is the revenue.

I currently have about 50 articles being promoted by Unique Article Wizard, which are generating some very decent traffic and a very comfortable income – all in as little as 8 weeks. The extra income means I can now pay for some more authors to start writing more articles, and really start to ramp up the power of Unique Article Wizard and enhance my article marketing strategy.

How I Use Unique Article Wizard – My Article Marketing Tips

If you missed my article on how I use Unique Article Wizard, it’s still here ==> How To Use Unique Article Wizard For Massive Backlinks

My special offer for new Unique Article Wizard members: if you join Unique Article Wizard through my link I’ll write your first article for you for submitting through UAW. That means I’ll write a new and unique 500 word article, and also the 2 re-writes that Unique Article Wizard requires, and give you access to my “members only” video which shows you exactly how I use UAW for maximum impact. If you were to get three articles written from any of the article services, you’d pay at least $30 for three 500+ word articles. So sign up today, and I’ll make sure you get the most “bang for your buck” from your investment. Just email me (octocat.seoservices at gmail.com) a copy of your receipt, together with the chosen topic that you’d like your articles written about, and I’ll take care of the rest.

6 thoughts on “Unique Article Wizard Strikes Again

  1. Michelle

    Some promising stats there Mike – I use uaw a lot but only because I now outsource my articles but even paying to have some quality articles written (3 times) it’s still worth it for the return I get on traffic to my sites and sales of my products. I joined uaw from reading your blog – keep those reviews coming please – anything else that’s good for backlinks and search engine traffic?

  2. Katie

    Mike – thanks for the free articles – they’re excellent – well written, easy to read and very informative – especially considering the keywords I gave you. The article has now been accepted by Unique Article Wizard and is being promoted. I’m using the 30 day drip option like you suggested.
    Thank you again for such a great (and fast) service.

  3. Bruce C Ziebarth

    Mike – thanks for the review. Unique Article Wizard is on my purchase list. I will be purchasing it tommorow. Hopefully, I will experience the same level of success that you have.

  4. Article Marketing Automation

    Good review. I’ve been using Unique Article Wizard for a while now and love it.

    They now have a service that will write articles for you in three different “spun” versions. I use UAW in conjunction with Article Marketing Automation. I submit the spun articles to UAW then enter the spun versions in AMA for even wider distribution. The results have been amazing!


  5. chandra

    I have not used those tools, but from information you give unique article wizard seems to fit with my article marketing.
    Thanks for the information that you give.


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