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Simple Steps to Make Money with Unique Article Submission Marketing – The New Way

If you’ve been “doing internet marketing” for any length of time, you’re no doubt well aware of the concept of article marketing, or BUM marketing as it’s also referred to.

I’m going to explain (in detail) the process I use for generating literally hundreds of thousands of visitors to my sites using articles. So far this year I’ve received over 250,000 visitors to my sites using this technique alone, and I’ve got the photos to prove it…

I’ve used articles as a marketing channel for probably a little over 3 years now, and if done properly it’s still a very effective technique for driving traffic to your sites. But if you’re using the “old ways”, you’ve probably noticed it seems to be getting less effective all the time.

Well, as with everything else in life, change happens on the internet at a very fast rate, and things don’t work the way they used to. Article marketing is the same. But with the right approach you can start getting high rankings in the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages) and lots of traffic again – it’s just a little more effort that it did before – but your results will be massively better – trust me.

First, let me explain the problem and the reason why article marketing as it was is very quickly losing it’s effectiveness, and how you can build traffic using some unique article submission tools. Here’s the scenario…

You create a new site and have some articles written (or write them yourself) to submit to various article directories. Using one (or maybe more) of the original article marketing software tools like Article Submitter Pro, iSnare.com or even SubmitYourArticle (there’s lots of other too) you go ahead and submit your article to literally hundreds of article directories and ezine lists.

Then you sit back and wait for the flood of traffic and first page SERPs lists guaranteed to be heading your way (OK – that was said tongue-in-cheek).

As the article sites picked up and published your article, the number of backlinks to your site started to grow and your site started to climb the SERPs, heading for that elusive first page.

That’s how it used to work though – before the search engines started filtering out duplicate content.

The problem with this old model of article marketing is that every site you submitted your article to had the exact same version of your article – same text, same resource box, same anchor text – same everything. So as soon as the major search engines (read Google) started filtering out duplicate content, this method was pretty much dead in the water. You may well have your article on hundreds of different article sites, but as they were all the same copy of your article, they now only counted as 1 backlink to your site. And your site no doubt disappeared from the SERPs in an instant.

The good news however, is that with a little “tweaking” we can avoid the duplicate content issues, and start to see an increase in backlinks, SERPs and traffic with very little extra effort.

If you want to follow along with my plan over the coming days and weeks, and start to experience similar results for your sites and traffic levels, you’re going to need a copy of a new piece of unique article submission software called Unique Article Wizard. This is the primary tool I’ve used to get my sites on the first page in both Google and MSN (I’m confident it will happen with Yahoo as well, but those guys are pretty slow in updating their index these days).

There are other software tools and services that I use, and I will explain how they fir into the “big picture” in a future post – but for now all you need is Unique Article Wizard.

Get over there and get signed up – then watch the videos to learn exactly how it works. You may also want to register for the RSS updates on this site so that you don’t miss any of my upcoming lessons.

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